Étalon connemara - Connemara stallion.

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I…. I want this horse.

i love connemaras what a cutie pie

youngadelaide replied to your post “*First 20 songs on shuffle*”

i think you and i are somewhat like-minded animals in musical taste. at least the 80s era songs.

growing up i had like three options for radio—the station playing nothing but the same 10 current 90’s pop songs, the station playing nothing but allan jackson and garth brooks, or the station playing nothing but 60’s-80’s rock.  so pretty much that’s what i like!  also my mom gave me a whole bunch of enya cds so i have, uh, a really really big soft spot for enya.  oops.

*First 20 songs on shuffle*

pockyseeker tagged me! let’s play “look at my bizarre taste in music”

  1. "Timber"—Ke$ha/Pitbull
  2. "Rare Old Mountain Dew" —Kick Up the Dust
  3. "Little Lion Man" —Mumford and Sons
  4. "Toys in the Attic" —Aerosmith
  5. "Any Way You Want It" —Journey
  6. "Roar" —Katy Perry
  7. "We R Who We R" —Ke$ha
  8. "On Top of the World" —Imagine Dragons
  9. "Daylight" —Matt and Kim
  10. "Rock of Ages" —Def Leppard
  11. "Angel" —Shaggy
  12. "Die for You" —Otherwise
  13. "Remedy" —Little Boots
  14. "Throw Your Hands Up (Dancar Kuduro)" —Qwote
  15. "Heaven Knows" —The Pretty Reckless
  16. "Prophet (Better Watch It)" —Rizzle Kicks
  17. "From This Valley" —The Civil Wars
  18. "Road to the Faire" —David Arkenstone
  19. "Under Pressure" —Queen
  20. "Too Tired to Wink" —Ludo

I’m not gonna tag anyone in particular—do it if you want to!  But tag me cause I wanna see.



scruba dub dub theres a kitty in the tub 

if a time comes that I do not reblog this photo it will be because I am 6 feet underground 

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youngadelaide replied to your post “today has been really fucking nasty and i’m putting the details under…”

sounds rough, but at least everything was managed properly. how could that cat owner not have sought help earlier though??? to get to the point to where the skin is rotting, i have to say is a bit negligent as a pet owner.

yeah technically it probably counts as animal cruelty but we’re not going to report it because the client has had the cat for 12 years and tries her best to take care of it and i work in west virginia and there’s a lot of broke mountain folds.  we are gonna talk really seriously with her and stress that the cat needs to come in regularly.  i just can’t imagine though, like this cat is leaking urine and blood and hatching flies out of her and the smell…what must this woman’s house be like?  ye gods.


has this been done before

today has been really fucking nasty and i’m putting the details under the cut because if i say something is nasty you know it’s hella fuckin gross

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Qaw the Raven

This is not my costume! I am posting this because I had a hand in making it, and I had the honor of getting some photos of the completed thing. This year at RMFC I took a real camera with me for the first time to a con. I’m super glad I did, because Qaw was there!! I made the mask and claws for this on commission. The mask was done on a modified base by Crystumes. I sculpted on her crow base to make a raven’s beak, and added faux fur, hand-set about eleventy billion feathers, and hand-set an equal number of boar bristles for the rictal bristles on the beak. I was so super excited to see it in action. It’s delightful to see something I worked on, hopping around!

Qaw stopped by my dealer’s table and attempted to steal the plush gryphon Shard owned by my table-mate Jess Owen (see second to last photo), then kindly allowed me to follow it around for a few impromptu photos! I didn’t have any hand in making the rest of the costume, including the really neat vest and pants. All photos are mine, except for the last one, when I bumped into Qaw while wearing Kinglet, and my husband was able to get a photo.

The very awesome sloth in these photos is Tica. I traced down her FA gallery by searching her name: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tica

Qaw is NOT mine. Photos posted with their permission! Qaw on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/qaw/
And Twitter: https://twitter.com/qawstume

oh my god oh my god

fursuits are NEXT LEVEL

he doesn’t want to get out of bed

i don’t like it when netflix doesn’t autoplay because it forces me into taking responsibility for my own decline into utter sloth

Ah, maybe the stitches will make it stick this time.

i hope so!  she was actually a pretty good shot for never having been before.  she only wanted to learn for self-defense though so i doubt she’ll go again.

pockyseeker replied to your post “i went shooting with my mom and dad tonight so mom could learn how to…”

But now she knows not to hold it that way. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

the really sad thing is she did it once and got nicked and we were like no no mom don’t hold it like that, put this hand elsewhere and she was like okay and then she DID IT AGAIN and is now spending the evening in the emergency room for like two sutures.

i went shooting with my mom and dad tonight so mom could learn how to shoot the pistol

i remember now why i hate shooting shotguns in warm weather (i.e. i do not have six layers of clothing over my bony shoulders)

mom is now in the emergency room getting stitches in her hand cause she held the pistol wrong and the slide gouged her pretty good

we suck